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About Dope Mama

Welcome to DOPE MAMA! My name is Janine and I am a blogger, work-at-home-mom, wife, and mama to two multi-culti little boys.

This blog is about building an awesome life no matter what your budget. My fam has had lots of ups and downs and fluctuating income. I firmly believe that happiness is a choice, and in living life with style, joy and intention.

My husband is a kidney patient at the old age of 32 and has been on dialysis for the past seven years. We chose to take advantage of his disability and have babies while we could both be home with them nearly full-time. Life has been hard lately but I am determined to get us back afloat. (You can learn more about our current situation here.)

The name Dope Mama is a slight nod to my love for poppies but mainly it’s about being awesome and stylish even if you’re a mother. Even if you’re a broke mother!