Dope Mama


My name is J  ——  Plus-size-petite mama and creative goddess, living in the Portland area with my skateboarder husband and our two little boys.

My name is Janine, often known simply as J.  I work from home, primarily as a freelance writer and blogger, aiming to build a sustainable life for my family here in the Portland area.  Determined to write more and drink more water.  Trying to replace opiate use with marijuana.

My husband Donny – aka Skate Dad – has been a dialysis patient for several years now and will eventually require a kidney transplant.  He spends his free time skateboarding, including filming📸 and building structures to skate.  Our son Zeke (2013) is also a skateboarder.  Zeke is also obsessed with Deadpool⚔ and Michael Jackson.  Our oldest, Bass (2010), is into Minecraft really wants a pet pug.  We recently inherited a cat, named Sasha Fierce.

I practice attachment parenting, this crazy idea that we should meet our kids’ needs and treat them as whole people.  Both boys breastfed until at least four years old.  They also learned to use a potty as babies so I never had to change a poopy toddler diaper.  I’d love a couple more babies but my big kids are rad, sweet, hilarious, and are my favorite people.

I am an atheist.  My favorite color is purple because my then-toddler decided that it was and kept repeating until I believed it.  Main style aesthetic is rose gold hippie, 90’s witch/goth, and Samantha’s bedroom from the movie Now & Then.

I am newly plus-size.  I was petite up until the birth of my second baby.  I expected the weight to drop off the way it had after my firstborn.  It didn’t.  It hasn’t.  So I’m working on my plus-size style & fitness game.💎✨

I have maintained an online presence since my early teens, creating my own websites while most of my peers still didn’t understand MySpace.  You may remember me from previous sites, Hollow Star (fashion and beauty) and Alternative Housewife (housekeeping and parenting). Dope Mama is sort of a mash-up of the two, + more.

Dope Mama is about building home and life, with mindfulness and style, while often bucking against the mainstream.