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Writing Sample

Here is a quick (and fairly boring – sorry!) writing sample that I wrote as part of the application process for a writing gig. I’ll try to get some more compelling work up ASAP.

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Are Personal Trainers Worth It?

A personal trainer can be an invaluable resource when it comes to reaching your fitness goals, but people have a variety of reasons for not hiring one.  A personal trainer is an additional cost on top of a gym membership.  Scheduling with a trainer can also feel like a much larger commitment.  Many people also find themselves feeling intimidated by a professional trainer, or embarrassed to have someone entirely focused on them during their workout.  The truth is, most people push themselves harder and get better results when working with a trainer, in part due to those same reasons they were apprehensive about hiring one. Paying more money and scheduling those appointments, as well as a desire to show improvement to the same person workout after workout, can keep people more on track than if they worked out alone.

Increased Cost

While It’s true that hiring a professional fitness trainer costs more than a standard gym membership, the payoffs are also greater.  A personal trainer will help clients with their form during exercises, reducing the chance of injury. Reduced injury obviously increases the odds of a client continuing their fitness program.  A good trainer will also know when to push harder and when to give the client a break. As with most things, professional guidance goes a long way towards getting optimum results.  As for cost, there are many ways to reduce the amount of money spent hiring a trainer.  Gyms often offer discounts at peak times, like New Years and the beginning of summer.  Coupon sites may also offer reduced fitness packages for savvy shoppers to pounce on.

The Intimidation Factor

For some people, especially those just starting out in losing weight or improving fitness, the idea of working with a personal trainer can be an intimidating one.  They may think that a professional will look down on them, or may be afraid of being pushed too hard.  Fortunately, most personal trainers are aware of this, and will go out of their way to set their clients at ease. Their goal is to help clients do their best, not to judge or bully them.

Trainer Benefits Outweigh the Costs

Hiring a personal trainer can feel like a huge commitment, but the rewards are great for those who take the leap.  Trainers help clients reach their fitness and weight loss goals while also reducing potential injuries.  For those who are serious about getting to shape, a temporary hit to both ego and pocketbook ends up being well worth it.